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Welcome to the Lincoln Library.

The library is open every school day for classes and at recess times for reading, studying, cards, chess. 

Book Swap

Every year we have a book swap the end of the school year.

Get ready for summer reading, clean out your bookshelves at home and bring any books you do not want to the library.

We will have dates for you to bring your books from home to the library.  The swap dates will be announced in June.

If you bring 5 books you may take up to 5 books.  Any books left will be donated to our school.

Please do not bring to swap:  pre-k or kdg. books.  Magazines, workbooks or coloring books.

Thank you and happy swapping!

Book Check Out

Grades K and 1 - All students may check out one book.

Grades 2,3,4,5, 6 - All students may check out 2 books.

All books are checked out for 2 weeks.  Books may be returned before this 2 week period and a new book may be checked out.  Students must return checked out books prior to checking out a new book.

All classes visit the library once a week.

Sometimes a book is checked out for a class activity that runs a little longer than the lending period.  If this happens students may keep the book as long as the teacher requests for the activity.

Books that are lost or damaged must be paid for before another book can be checked out.

Please return books in the BOOK RETURN slot in the library counter.