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Early Pick-up/Student Messages

If you plan to pick up your child early from school please send a note to the teacher, or e-mail well in advance. If a teacher knows in advance that your student is leaving early from school, he/she will try to make sure your child is ready to leave at the time you’ve requested. It is our goal to not interrupt classrooms with phone calls regarding changes in pick-up plans. Advance planning helps us to limit interruptions to your child’s classroom.

If someone other than a parent will be picking up a student, please notify the office.

  • All students must be signed out when leaving campus before dismissal.
  • Students will be released only to those persons indicated on the Emergency Information Card.

We do not permit parents/guardians to interrupt class time to give personal messages to their students.


All medication brought to school must be left in the school nurse’s office to be administered by the school nurse or health assistant.

  • Medication must have a note with directions from the attending physician.  (Stop by the office to pick up a medication form.)
  • Medications with expired prescriptions will be disposed of by the school nurse.

Campus Policies & Procedures

Drop-off & Pick-up

The safety of all children in our parking lot/bus zone while loading and unloading is very important.

Parking Lot: Please access Pacific View Drive from the north by Gelson’s

  • Enter the school through the 2nd driveway only – the 1st driveway is for buses only
  • Proceed to the student Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone on the south side of the school OR park
  • Follow the lanes back to Pacific View Drive, exit by turning RIGHT onto Pacific View Drive, make another right onto Marguerite

Morning Drop-Off: Please do not drop off your student in front of the school when driving. Students will not be permitted to enter through the office.

Teachers are at the Drop-Off Zone at 8:00 am. Please do not drop off your student prior to 8:00 am. There is not adult supervision.

For the safety of ALL students:

  • Utilize all 4 lanes when dropping off your student
  • Wait until your car is at the front of the line before allowing your student to exit the car
    • Does not apply to curb lane

Afternoon Pick-up: All parents must pick up their student in the Pick-Up Area, unless parents are walking to school.

Please do not pick up your student, by car, from any other area.

Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the Pick-Up Area or in front of the school.

For the safety of ALL students:

  • Utilize all 4 lanes when picking up your student
  • Wait until the teachers on duty, permit the students to approach the cars using the crosswalk

*NEW procedures for non-car pick-ups: All 1st-6th grade students who are being picked up by a walking adult (includes those who have parked), may only exit through the front gates near the office. Adults are asked to wait for their children at the front of the school building on the sidewalk or grass area. Please do not congregate in the office or directly in front of the gate. When walking to your car, please only use the designated crosswalks in the parking lot and street. There will be a school staff member on duty to supervise students and monitor the crosswalk.

The kindergarten gate and double-doors will be for kindergarten students ONLY.


  • Please park in only non-labeled spots
  • Please do not park in the bus loading or unloading zone
  • Please do not park in designated spots for office, staff, parents, etc.
  • Please do not park in the preschool/church parking lot across the street


  • Always use the designated crosswalk when crossing the street
  • Follow the crossing guard’s signals and instructions

Vehicle Safety

  • For the children’s safety, the parking lot is a cell phone-free zone

Lincoln parking traffic rules

Tardy Students

Students who arrive to school after the 8:15 am bell will need to check in at the front office with an adult.

Student Item/ Lunch Drop-Off

Please help your student come to school prepared with all of their items, including lunch. Should an item or lunch need to be brought to school after school starts, please drop off in the library. Items will be delivered or picked up as soon as time permits. Classrooms will not be interrupted for item drop-offs.

Campus Visitors

All visitors/classroom volunteers must sign in at the front office and wear a visitor badge.

Dress Code