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2019-20 District Priorities
Posted 8/5/19

2019-20 District Priorities Flyer

2019-20 District Priorities Flyer - English and Spanish

District Priorities Website

To ensure NMUSD neighborhood schools are the first choice of students and parents, we are committed to “Inspire Students and Enrich Communities". These district priorities were developed within a comprehensive and aligned system of initiatives that support student learning from pre-school to beyond graduation. These priorities and action plans will be systematically monitored and evaluated to determine effectiveness, foster continuous improvement and address the evolving needs of our students. Goal: All students will master grade-level English language arts and math
content standards at milestone (3, 6, 8, 10, 12) grades.


A1. NMUSD students will be guaranteed a challenging Pre-School - 12th grade curriculum aligned to the CA State Standards that prepares them for success in college and careers.
A2. NMUSD students will receive the highest quality instruction based on meaningful lessons that incorporate creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.
A3. NMUSD will support and expand rigorous, relevant, high-interest programs and coursework aligned to prepare and support students to meet the demands and rigor of college and industry standards beyond graduation.
A4. NMUSD students will be educated in safe, attractive, functional and contemporary facilities.
A5. NMUSD students will harness the power of technology and innovation through core academic subjects, career technical education, arts, athletics and extra-curricular activities.


B1. NMUSD will support the emotional, behavioral and mental health needs of students through relationship-driven school communities.
B2. NMUSD will utilize intervention systems to provide learning opportunities that promote the holistic development of all students.
B3. NMUSD will encourage all students to become responsible thinkers and problem solvers by providing them the opportunity to learn from the impact of their choices.
B4. NMUSD will hold all students to the highest expectations for positive behavior, kindness, compassion and civic responsibility.


C1. NMUSD will build and foster meaningful partnerships and shared commitment with stakeholders including students, parents, employees, employee associations and community partners in the development of the whole child.
C2. NMUSD students will have meaningful opportunities to apply their learning and skills in real-world settings while serving and enhancing our community.