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Neighborhood Peer Preschool Program is Now Accepting Applications

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Neighborhood Peer Preschool Program is Now Accepting Applications for Peer Models in our Inclusive Special Education Classrooms

Seahorse Program:

Offered at Adams Elementary, Davis Magnet, Harbor View Elementary, and Sonora Elementary

$200 per Month - 3 Half-Days per week
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
An ideal opportunity for typically developing 3 to 4 year-olds

Optimal developmental skills present for Seahorse Typical Peers include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The child is potty-trained and capable of toileting with minimal assistance
  • Separation from parents presents little or no difficulties once they are familiar with a new setting
  • Able to transition between activities in a group without incident
  • Has a developing attention span
  • Will read a book with an adult
  • Demonstrates interest in same-aged peers
  • A desire to be a part of the group activity and follow the instruction
  • Uses 3-4 Word Sentences.

Starfish Program:

Offered at Adams Elementary, Davis Magnet, and Harbor View Elementary

$350 per Month - 5 Half-Days per week
Monday - Friday
An ideal opportunity for children in preparation for Kindergarten

Starfish Typical Peers usually have experienced preschool and demonstrate the skills of a Seahorse Student in a classroom or
playgroup setting. In addition, they demonstrate the following skills:

  • Longer sustained attention, lasting for 10-15 minutes during a game or interactive activity
  • Demonstrates some independence following routine activities with which they are familiar
  • Shows interest in learning
  • Has an emergence of pre-academic skills
  • Evidence of some peer preferences and
  • relations
  • Speaking in more complex sentences, using words to describe a variety of emotions
  • The emergence of some self-regulation skills when faced with disappointment or upset

To request an application and sign your child up for the next play-based observation, please call 949.515.6838.

Neighborhood Peer Preschool Program Website

Neighborhood Peer Preschool Program Brochure - English

Neighborhood Peer Preschool Program Brochure - Spanish

Posted by: Adriana Angulo, District Admin, Newport Mesa Unified School District Published:1/18/19
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