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Abraham Lincoln Elementary School (Lincoln) is located in the heart of California’s Orange County in the city of Corona del Mar. Situated in the coastal hills, Lincoln is surrounded by a mix of single family homes, condominiums and apartments, and is just a stone’s throw from the high rise corporate offices of Newport Center. Once a middle school complete with a gymnasium and spacious rooms, the site was closed for many years, and then was remodeled into a plant uniquely designed to meet the needs of the elementary school child. In 1992, the Lincoln community opened the school doors to 500 students. Now, Lincoln serves approximately 670 students.

The Lincoln school community is committed to excellence in education. Our mission statement, “All students will envision and achieve their future” is our quest and the lens through which decisions are made. It is also a statement of our educational philosophy. We believe strongly that we should encourage our students to look toward the future, that we should work together to set challenging standards and goals, and that it is our job as educators to create an educational climate that best promotes the attainment of these goals.

The success of our efforts is reflected in our students’ performance. Lincoln is a California Distinguished School (1997, 2006, 2014), Exemplary Arts School (2014), and a National Blue Ribbon School (1999). Lincoln students consistently outperform the students in our District, County and State on the California Standards tests. We promote positive behavior through John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. Coupled with our challenging standards and goals and our positive behavior system, many programs and accomplishments have contributed to Lincoln’s success:

Community Partnerships: Lincoln is unique in that it is a hub of community activities. Our partnership with our city recreation department has made Lincoln not only a center of learning, but also the community center for family activities. Before and after school, the Child Development Center (CDC) operates a day care program. Children fill our fields, and adults line the sidelines at American Youth Soccer Association games, Little League games, and the city recreation department activities. Lincoln is truly a home away from home for our community.

Parent Involvement: Our parents support us both financially and with the gift of time. Specialists in core curricular areas as well as many enrichment activities are funded by our PTA. More importantly, our parents volunteer. Almost half of our parents actively volunteer in our classrooms. Our parents and community help us convey the importance of education and model the joy of learning.

Professionalism: 100% of our teachers participate in staff development after school, at staff meetings and during the summer to learn about current research and strategies that will improve learning. The Lincoln staff supports and participates in the training of new teachers. Many universities train new teachers at Lincoln. Staff development is based on student need and not the “last best program.” Data is analyzed to determine the needs of Lincoln students and staff development and program improvement are based upon these needs.

Technology: By combining PTA donations, school improvement funds, grant funds, district funds and state funds, Lincoln is connected to the world. Over 100 computers and appropriate software are arranged in classrooms and labs to promote maximum student accessibility and learning. Staff expertise is encouraged and supported through monthly afternoon site-based training.

Enriched Curriculum: Citizens of the world have a variety of talents. In order for our students to achieve their vision and appreciate the talents of others, they are exposed to and engaged in many enrichment activities in the classroom and after school. Projects are used in the classroom to enrich the curriculum and connect it to the real world. During and after school enrichment activities include foreign language, chess, art, chorus and drama.

Although we have high achieving students and many exemplary programs, perhaps our proudest accomplishment as a school community is that we have established a process for working together to analyze our students’ needs, and act upon our conclusions. This process has become a part of the fabric of Lincoln School. It allowed us initially to establish a quality learning experience for Lincoln students, and as we grow and change, it helps us to look towards the future and continue to improve each year.

Carrie Gammel,  Principal

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